Bluegrass Consulting: Grassroots Public Affairs


Fresh thinking...

New-style strategies, campaigns and digital tools that shape public opinion, influence government thinking, boost your advocacy and build grassroots movements with real impact.


Fresh ideas...

Insights and creative thinking to help you build online communities and harness the power of grassroots support for your issues and campaigns.


Fresh approach...

Blending traditional public affairs with the best of the new digital tools and online research to engage and mobilise the people who matter most to you, your organisation and your brand.

Bluegrass Consulting is a bipartisan corporate and public affairs consultancy specialising in corporate, government and grassroots campaigns around Australia.

Our people come from a range of disciplines and we have extensive experience in politics, media, technology and grassroots community relations.

Our clients are a diverse and eclectic bunch, ranging from multi national corporations to local community associations.

Got an issue or idea? Why not talk to us We love issues and we love ideas even more. Really we do …