strategy on a page

Bluegrass has long worked with companies and CEOs on developing strategy and managing change. In that time we have come to embrace and implement what is now regarded as best practice around the development of ‘strategy on a page’ solutions.

Our approach involves genuine and progressive consultation with internal and external stakeholders. This is based on the notion that how you reach decisions should be equally important to the quality of the decisions themselves.

Under our ‘strategy on a page’ approach we first develop with CEOs, Boards and executives a chain of reasoning and a ‘straw man’ set of themes, goals and priorities based on assessments of needs, issues, performance and targets.

We test these against an inner circle of opinion formers and leaders within the company. Then we progressively refine and build this into a draft strategic planning framework through wider interaction within the company to validate feedback and test conclusions.

The end result is a clear and concise strategic roadmap supported by essential detail around projects, objectives, timing and metrics. The goal is to ensure the plan in summary form can be communicated in a single page format, providing unambiguous clarity of an organisation’s strategy and priorities.